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Immigration Physicals

The immigration process can be complex, requiring individuals to fulfill various obligations to achieve successful results. As part of the immigration requirements, a medical examination is often necessary to ensure that individuals entering the country do not pose a risk to public health. Our specialized team provides medical examinations that meet the specific criteria set by immigration authorities. We conduct thorough evaluations of your overall health, conduct screenings for infectious diseases, vaccinations, and other relevant tests. You can progress confidently in your immigration journey, knowing that you have met all the necessary health and safety requirements.

Sports Physicals

For athletes of all ages and skill levels, sports physicals are a vital step in promoting well-being and ensuring safety. Our comprehensive sports physicals assess an athlete's overall health, review their medical history, conduct thorough physical assessments, test cardiorespiratory fitness, and evaluate musculoskeletal function. Our personalized recommendations help athletes enhance their performance and stay in optimal health throughout their sports participation.


School Physicals

School physical examinations help identify underlying health issues, ensure up-to-date immunizations, and promote overall wellness within the school community. Our dedicated team provides thorough school physicals that meet the specific requirements for school admission. We will conduct screenings for vision, hearing, and other essential health components, and review immunization records to ensure compliance with school policies and regulations.

We understand the importance of meeting the specific requirements of DOT, immigration, sports, and school. Our experienced medical professionals will conduct thorough evaluations, ensuring your compliance, well-being, and peace of mind in all aspects of your life. For your convenience, we offer flexible scheduling options and a comfortable, welcoming environment. Visit us today to prioritize your health and safety.

Our mission

Is to deliver compassionate care in a relaxed environment to promote wellness for our patients.

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Our mission is to deliver compassionate care in a relaxing environment to promote wellness for our patients.

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